The Top 5 Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal

It’s that time of year again: snow is starting to fall, and business owners are beginning to think about hiring a commercial snow removal company. Unfortunately, snow can cause all sorts of problems for businesses, from decreased foot traffic to dangerous walkways. By hiring a professional snow removal company like Maple Leaf Associates Inc., you can avoid these problems. So, let’s discuss the top five benefits of our commercial snow removal.

The Top 5 Benefits of Commercial Snow Removal

1. Increased Safety for Employees & Customers

Snow can be a hazardous material, especially when it’s piled high on sidewalks and walkways. Hiring Maple Leaf Associates Inc. ensures that your employees and customers are safe from slips and falls. Our team will clear away all the snow quickly and safely so that everyone can get around without incident.

2. Easier Access to the Building

People want to continue to do business with you, but snow and ice in the parking lot or sidewalks can make it hazardous. Furthermore, when the snow piles up, it can block entrances, discouraging people from coming in. High snow piles can also block emergency exits. So, it’s best to have it removed.

3. Reduced Liability Risks

One of the top benefits of hiring a professional snow removal company is reducing liability risks. If employees and customers slip and fall on the property, your business is open to lawsuits. But, you can significantly reduce these risks by having a team of professionals remove the snow and ice.

4. Maintains Productivity

By hiring a professional snow removal company, you can maintain your business’ productivity all winter long. That’s because you won’t be disrupting your team’s workflow by asking for in-house assistance. Leaving snow removal in the hands of professionals guarantees your employees can focus on their work.

5. Enhanced Public Image

Commercial snow removal enhances your business’ reputation. When customers see that your business takes safety seriously, they will be more likely to do business with you. Furthermore, keeping your property free of snow and ice shows that you are a responsible business prepared for any contingency.

Choose the Right Team for Snow Removal

Hiring a professional snow removal company is the best way to keep your business safe and productive during winter. At Maple Leaf Associates Inc., we pride ourselves on providing top-notch plowing, landscaping care, and hardscape design services to clients throughout the Hudson Valley. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and know how to handle any size job. So, contact us today for a free quote at (845) 526-2024.