Excavation & Drainage

For professional excavation services, call the professionals at Maple Leaf Associates Inc. We serve Westchester, The Hudson Valley, and all nearby communities. Contact us today to get a quote by calling (845) 526-2024.

Excavation Projects Of Many Shapes & Sizes

When you need to get your property construction-ready for a new home build, an upgraded driveway, or much-needed drainage solutions, look no further than the excavation experts at Maple Leaf. With our powerful modern equipment and highly skilled contractors, we have the necessary tools and education for excavating and digging out your property.

Our excavation services include:

  • Grading for driveways, landscaping, and leveling out property.
  • Excavation and trench work for utility lines, pipes and plumbing, and sewer service.
  • Foundation excavation.

Our Expert Team is Here to Help

Professional Yard Drainage Solutions

Water that is not properly controlled on your property or land can wreak havoc on your home and other outdoor structures. Don’t allow water to flood your basement or destroy your beautifully landscaped yard. Take advantage of the professional yard drainage solutions from Maple Leaf. We can expertly care for your well-maintained lawn and landscape with these lawn drainage services:

Gutters and pipe downspouts.

Catch basins.

Footing and curtain drains.

Groundwater infiltration systems.

Retention ponds.

Hardscape patio drainage.

Channel drainage around pools and decks.

Dry well systems.

And many others.

Full-Service Masonry & Landscape Management

At Maple Leaf, we provide full-service masonry and landscape management solutions for Westchester and The Hudson Valley area. Along with our professional excavation and lawn drainage solutions, we also provide a wide range of outdoor services:

Outdoor Service Professionals

The yard drainage contractors at Maple Leaf are ready to help make your outdoor dreams a reality with our professional excavation and lawn drainage services. Get a quote today by calling us at (845) 526-2024. Since 1996 we’ve been serving Westchester and The Hudson Valley and all surrounding areas. We are proud to offer a variety of lawn and landscape solutions including lawn mowing and maintenance, lawn fertilization and weed control, seasonal displays, and commercial snow removal services.

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