Lawn Care, Fertilization & Weed Control

With our highly effective lawn fertilization and weed control program, Maple Leaf Associates Inc. can offer you a lush, green lawn year after year. We’ve been serving Westchester and The Hudson Valley since 1996 with our full range of lawn care and landscape solutions. Contact us today at (845) 526-2024 for a free quote of our superior lawn fertilizer service.

Healthy Benefits Of Lawn Fertilization

A healthy lawn begins with a plan for preventing weeds as well as providing the proper nutrients it needs. This is exactly what our turf fertilization program does for your lawn. Not only will our grass fertilizer create a plush and healthy green lawn with a strong root structure, but it also delivers these benefits, such as:

  • Greatly reduces weeds.
  • Offers stronger resistance to disease.
  • Improves overall uniform growth.
  • Protects the soil from the depletion of nutrient-rich resources.
  • Provides considerable resistance to pests.

Our Expert Team is Here to Help

Our 7 Step Fertilizer & Weed Control Program

Early Spring (Step 1)

A slow-release fertilizer combined with a crabgrass pre-emergent application that helps bring grass out of dormancy and prevents crabgrass growth.

Late Spring (Step 2)

The Grub Prevention Program reduces the population of grubs before they cause damage to your beautiful green lawn. Symptoms of grub damage includes a gradual thinning of your lawn and scattered irregular dead patches that feel spongy underfoot and can be pulled up or rolled back easily. Grub Prevention Program can benefit your lawn by providing fast knock down, broad spectrum control, long lasting grub and insect control with preventive and curative properties. Applied 5/15 - 5/30. Alternate Dates 6/01 - 6/15.

Early Summer - Late Fall (Steps 3 - 6)

Lawn weed control and granular fertilizer applications as well as thorough reviews of your turf for any lawn disease or pest control issues.

Winter (Step 7)

A winterizer grass fertilizer application that uses a blend of macronutrients to prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter and help it grow stronger the following spring.

Take Care of Your Lawn All Year Long

Maple Leaf provides comprehensive lawn, tree, and shrub care for residential and commercial clients across Westchester and The Hudson Valley. Along with our full-scale landscape solutions, we are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations with our landscape and lawn care services:

Capable & Experienced

Maple Leaf serves both residential and commercial clients with our lawn fertilization services. We offer these exceptional lawn and landscape solutions within a 100-mile radius of Westchester County, The Hudson Valley, and all nearby areas. Get your free quote when you call (845) 526-2024. We also provide landscaping design and installation, patio design and installation, and retaining wall design and installation.

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