Tick & Mosquito Control

When spending time outdoors, you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, warm weather, and time with family and friends, without the worry of ticks and mosquitos invading your property. For professional tick and mosquito control, look no further than Maple Leaf Associates Inc. Call us today at (845) 526-2024 to get a quote for our professional tick and mosquito control treatments.

The Danger of Ticks

Deer ticks are common in Westchester and The Hudson Valley area. While dog ticks are also prevalent, the deer tick is the carrier of Lyme disease which can cause health and medical issues such as chronic joint inflammation, neurological symptoms, cognitive defects, and heart irregularities. This is why the team at Maple Leaf does everything in our power to keep them out of your yards with our full-service lawn tick control.

Our Expert Team is Here to Help

Our Thorough Tick Treatment

At Maple Leaf, our effective tick lawn treatment consists of three steps:

1st Treatment

In the spring, after the snow has melted and the ground has dried, when the females lay their eggs.

2nd Treatment

Throughout the summer when the nymphs molt into adults and are getting ready to reproduce.

3rd Treatment

In the fall, before the adult ticks lay their eggs.

Rid Your Yard of Health-Hazardous Mosquitos

While mosquitos are known to be pesky and annoying, they are also carriers of the West Nile Virus and other diseases, parasites, bacteria, and viruses that are devastating to humans and pets alike. With the professional mosquito control from Maple Leaf, we can easily control the frequency of these insects on your property in Westchester or The Hudson Valley.

For many of our clients, an alternative to traditional pesticides is an important factor when treating their yards for ticks and mosquitos. For this reason, we offer organic tick and mosquito control that uses a cedarwood oil to both repel and kill these bothersome and hazardous insects.

Effective Tick & Mosquito Solutions

Maple Leaf serves Westchester County, The Hudson Valley, and the surrounding communities. Get a quote for our lawn mosquito control services by calling (845) 526-2024 today. Along with our professional tick and mosquito control, we also provide hardscaping design and installation, lawn fertilization and weed control, and aeration and overseeding.

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