Landscaping Design & Install

For professional landscape design services, look no further than the team at Maple Leaf Associates Inc. Since 1996, we’ve been proudly serving Westchester, The Hudson Valley, and the surrounding areas with our modern landscape design and installation solutions. Contact us to get a quote by calling our office at (845) 526-2024.

Professional Landscape Design

When you desire a beautiful, unique outdoor space, turn to the landscape design professionals at Maple Leaf. With our expert staff, creative knowledge, and commitment to excellence in all we do, we can help craft the outdoor living area you most desire.

Using a combination of both landscape design and our professional installation teams, the possibilities are truly endless of what you can add to your backyard space or garden area.

Our Expert Team is Here to Help

Design & Build Exceptional Outdoor Living Spaces

We take pride in offering modern landscape design for residents and commercial clients of Westchester and The Hudson Valley. Alongside our professional landscape design process, you will have a unique outdoor environment for relaxing in the evening after a hard day at work or entertaining family and friends during the holidays.

Visit your home or commercial space to review the site.

Ask questions and collect information about your landscape needs, wants, and interests.

Offer a variety of recommendations based on our meeting.

Formulate a custom design and plan based on the information above.

Present a complete proposal for the finished design.

Why Choose Us?

  • Capable, experienced, and knowledgeable staff.
  • Work culture that demands excellence in all we do.
  • Leading landscape design company in Westchester and The Hudson Valley.
  • Exceptional customer service and communication with our clients.
  • Customized turf and plant health care programs available.

Creating Outdoor Rooms as Unique Spaces

A unique landscape design deserves the expert capabilities of a professional landscape company like Maple Leaf. Get a quote today for our in-demand landscape services by calling (845) 526-2024. Maple Leaf serves Westchester, The Hudson Valley, and all surrounding areas. We also provide aeration and overseeding services, excavation and drainage installations, seasonal flower displays, and commercial snow removal services.

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