Frequently Asked Questions

Maple Leaf Associates Inc. has been serving Westchester and The Hudson Valley area since 1996. Get a quote for our full-service lawn and landscaping solutions by calling (845) 526-2024.

It is our people! We are dedicated to hiring, training, and retaining the most professional people in the industry. We challenge every single one of our employees to exceed our customers’ expectations.

When it comes to Maple Leaf we do it all. From landscape design and installation and lawn fertilization and weed control to tree and shrub health care and outdoor kitchen and patio design, our services include:

  • Hardscaping design and installation.
  • Excavation and drainage installation.
  • Tree and plant installation.
  • Lawn mowing and maintenance.
  • Aeration and overseeding.
  • Seasonal displays.
  • Tick and mosquito control.
  • Snow removal.
  • Fireplaces and fire features.
  • Retaining walls.

Perennial plants are those that grow and bloom in the spring, summer, or fall, then go dormant for the winter months. The benefit of perennials is that they return year after year, oftentimes creating a better display with each new season. Annuals, on the other hand, are plants grown for their “instant” impact, usually producing a single-season period of bloom.

All of our plants and flowers, hardscape materials, and workmanship are conditionally guaranteed with proper client care. We do a final walk-through with our clients to be sure that they are completely satisfied with the results.

By aerating and seeding in the fall the grass seed is able to establish healthy roots before being subjected to the stresses of heat and drought common to our summers.

Our trained and educated staff understand that keeping your plant material shapely and under control is key to growing healthy plants. We don’t prune just to prune. We try to bring out the best in the plants we install. Since a majority of the properties that we service have fast-growing plant material, we prune as needed to bring out the best. Unlike other companies, our professionals are told to prune and shape plant material as needed.

Though the grass and trees aren’t growing as readily, for our maintenance crews it is “business as usual”. We ensure your property in Westchester or The Hudson Valley continues to look neatly groomed and well-maintained throughout the winter months. Our construction crews work, too—they can schedule certain types of projects during the winter season. We are able to retain our staff when other companies have to lay theirs off, which means we have the ability to take care of your landscape needs year-round.

We trim specific plants at certain times of the year because of their growth habits. Our trained personnel know when to prune the different varieties of plant material to ensure that they will always look their best.

In Business Since 1996

Maple Leaf serves Westchester County, The Hudson Valley, and all surrounding areas. Call us at (845) 526-2024 and get a quote.

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