Celebrate Fall With Seasonal Landscaping and Hardscaping Design

Fall is here, ushered in by football, cooler weather, outdoor fires, entertaining, and changing colors. When it comes to decorating, people do love this time of year. Maple Leaf Associates Inc. can build hardscaping areas that provide great entertaining opportunities and bring them to life with seasonal displays. The plants, vegetation, and textures create warm, rich presentations that we can put together in various ways to supplement outdoor entertaining. 

Corn stalks add height and create depth in your fall seasonal landscape design. Create a focal point in your garden by using corn stalks alongside a bale of hay and some pumpkins or even highlight an entryway with corn stalks on either side of your front door. Consider tying corn stalks to your mailbox, fence, or a light post alongside a mum and pumpkin to create a seasonal fall display. Corn stalks can even be cut down to fill a barrel or create an outdoor bouquet in a small pot.

Seasonal Landscaping for Fall

Fall’s colors and textures delight the senses in a unique way that’s different from every other season. Even people who don’t generally decorate for other seasons spend time relishing in Autumn designs. A variety of plants and vegetation are available to select and combine to produce highly aesthetic creations. Some examples include kale, natural grasses, mums, cornstalks, pumpkins, gourds, and chrysanthemums. 

  • Mums enjoy immense popularity during the season, and they can be planted in beds or potted for use in seasonal displays. We can mix and match colors, highlight a particular color in a unique planter, or combine them with other plants to produce a seasonal landscape that immediately catches the eye. 
  • Corn stalks add height and depth in a variety of ways. For example, they highlight entryways and complement pumpkins and hay bales. At the same time, they can even get by as a standalone.
  • Kale and cabbage add texture and foliage to vines and colorful plants.

    Hardscaping Design

    People spend more time at home now, but that doesn’t mean they’re alone. Today, people often choose to entertain in their homes instead of going out in public. Either way, a hardscaping design can create a beautiful stone patio or outdoor space that’s perfect for outdoor living and entertaining.

    Once you finish the patio, add an outdoor kitchen. That way, you can extend your time outdoors, enjoying good food and time with loved ones. We can custom design a kitchen that’s just right for your space. Large, small, modern, rustic, or anywhere in between- we’ll design something that complements the area and provides utility. 

    Finally, complete the entire environment with an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are beautiful, warm, and inviting, and they bring people together in conversation as they enjoy one another’s company. 

    Landscaping and Hardscaping Combine to Complete the Space

    It’s always a good idea to improve your home’s exterior aesthetics. Still, something about the fall entices people to invest in inviting environments and beautiful displays. When you’re ready, Maple Leaf is prepared and waiting to assist. We design, install and maintain landscaping and hardscaping, plus many other services in Dutchess County, Westchester County, and beyond. Call (845) 526-2024 to schedule a consultation.