3 Ornamental Trees to Shade Your Patio

Does your patio need some shade for the spring and summer months? Then you’re going to want to read about these three fantastic (and fast-growing) shade trees. But, before you go it alone, make sure you call Maple Leaf Associates, Inc. for tree installation. We have all the right equipment to bring in more mature trees that will help give your patio instant shade and protection.

3 Ornamental Trees to Shade Your Patio

1. River Birch

River birch trees are often found along the river banks, but they can be just as at home in your backyard. As they mature, these trees are easily identifiable and often loved for their cinnamon-hue curling bark. In addition, they tend to grow tall and sturdy, spreading their large limbs for plenty of shade. Expect these trees to grow about 13-14 inches per year, and have a canopy spread of about 40-60 feet.

2. Northern Red Oak

The northern red oak is a homeowner’s favorite, probably because of its massive size and shade range. It’s also known for the fiery red fall foliage that lights up any landscape. Furthermore, this tree tends to grow about two feet per year, so you can count on its shade in just a few years. The northern red oak also prefers acidic, moist soil, and it doesn’t mind the transplant journey.

3. Hybrid Poplar

If you want a tree that will grow fast and give you shade in just a year or two, then the hybrid poplar is your tree. Growing nearly eight feet per year, the hybrid poplar is a backyard must-have for those looking for shade. Once fully grown, these trees stand between 40 and 50 feet tall. Additionally, you can choose between poplars with cotton tufts or ones without.

Let’s Shade Your Backyard

When you’re searching for the right shade tree to add to your backyard, turn to the team at Maple Leaf Associates, Inc. We take care of the entire process so you can sit back and watch your landscape come to life. We’ll even make recommendations for foliage that would best suit your property. So, if you live in Putnam County, NY, and need a team of experts for tree planting, aeration, and lawn care, get a free quote by calling us at (845) 526-2024.